Sepio ExMail Setup for Outlook 2007/2010

Outlook Access Information:

Server Address:  exchange.sepionet.com

Outlook Anywhere (Web) :  https://exchange.sepionet.com/owa

Login:  name@domain.com

Password: <provided>


Outlook Configuration (RPC over HTTP):

Port: 443

RPC Proxy Server:  exchange.sepionet.com

Exchange Server:   SEP-exchangeb

Mutual Authentication Principal Name:  msstd:exchange.sepionet.com

RPC Proxy Method:  Basic


Sepio SafeMail Option

If the client has the optional Sepio SafeMail Solution please add the Outlook Spam Plug-in to allow them to white/list black list spam.

Outlook Plugin Download:  https://safemail.sepionet.com   (32-bit | 64-bit) 


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